What is encaustic?
Encaustic is an ancient art form that literally means 'to burn into.' The process involves layering encaustic paint, beeswax, damar resin, pigments, and other mediums that are handmade in-studio and the layers are then fused using heat or a butane torch. Despite requiring fire, it is an extremely versatile medium with the ultimate range of textures from buttery smooth to crater-like accretion. My pieces are a graphic exploration of this hypnotizing medium, circular themes, and contemplative simplification or chaos spaces.

Are you accepting commissions?
Yes, commission requests are considered based on availability and made in the likeness of an existing Melissa Stutts Art piece. Creating specific color palettes using a piece as inspiration is ideal for this type of service. Use this form and let me know what you're thinking! 

To see my portfolio for inspiration, click here.

To purchase Perfectly Imperfect pieces please visit Art House Charlotte

Shop original art online here and littles are available online for purchase here.

Do you do custom colors?
I'd love to collaborate with you if you have specific color requests. Contact me directly for more information.

Do you ship?
Yes! Shipping pricing depends on the size of the piece and can be an additional cost not included at checkout. For the safety of the artwork during transportation, each piece is tucked away in two custom-made boxes during transportation and delivery options include next-day or two-day priority shipping only. Please read each item’s description carefully as individual pieces may have additional details. 

Please feel free to reach out for quotes on shipping in advance if you prefer utilizing the contact page for these requests.

All sales are final.

If you have any questions please contact us directly prior to purchasing online.